Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide

CycleItalia's Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Gift shopping for avid cyclists is tough - too often they simply buy the cool stuff they want, leaving nothing much for friends or relatives to surprise them with. Below are some products that they might not have realized they want - but once they open your gift, the smiles will say it all!

Happy Holidays!

OK, of course we're biased, but our great looking new summer jersey by Nalini also has the right colors for the season, no? The recipient might not be able to wear this for a few months depending on where you live, but just the thought of warm sunny days should make him/her smile. 
Click HERE to get one.

Our friends at Silca came up with this - the perfect tool to stash in your under-the-seat bag, especially if your bike has carbon or titanium components. On-the-road adjustments need no longer worry you about correct torque on delicate fasteners or components - you can dial things in perfectly with this handy tool. Click HERE to get one.

Is the cyclist on your list a fan of the beautiful parts from Vicenza Italy's CAMPAGNOLO? Even if they already have a bike equipped with Super Record EPS components, there's a good chance they don't have this clock on their wall yet. Make 'em smile whenever they check the time by clicking HERE.

Yes, we know cycling and beer go together well, but even if you're not a cyclist, everyone needs a wine opener. There's something really special about opening even an everyday bottle of wine when you use this gorgeous and extremely functional tool. Click HERE to get yours.

There are many, many products on the market sold as chamois cream. Italians know cycling better than anyone as well as making most of the "chamois" pads we sit on, even if the cycling shorts might be made in lower cost countries. HIBROS does a great job of taking care of your sensitive skin but also washes out easily, making your favorite cycling shorts last longer. Delight the cyclist on your list with a tube or jar by clicking HERE.

Those of us of a "certain age" might not yet need RX eyewear, but we can use a little help with reading our cyclocomputer, phone or that wine label. These DUAL sunglasses have it all - magnification, polarization, photocromic lenses that change with available light, adjustable nosepiece and wonderful lense quality for clarity. Don't spoil the secret but Heather will find a pair of these under a xmas tree in a few weeks! Get a pair HERE.

This is one of those "Geez, why didn't someone think of this a long time ago?" products. Takes the old "a place for everything and everything in its place" slogan to a new level. Clearly marked zip pockets for ALL of your stuff make finding things easy once you pull the bag out of the car or out of the locker. You can even have your cyclist's name and flag on the top so nobody grabs the wrong bag. We of course think it's even cooler with our logo on the side! Order yours HERE but tell 'em we sent you and get all the custom lettering (including our logo) thrown in at no extra charge!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Piedmont Cycling Resort T-shirts


They're here!!!


Want one? Just $20 includes shipping to the 48 US states. Request yours by sending email to Include size (S-M-L-X for men and S-M-L for ladies) and mailing address. We'll send you a Paypal invoice and as soon as your payment is received we'll send it your way.

Please note quantities are limited and this offer ends December 10, 2017!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Vino Italiano

Zio Lorenzo's Wine Selections

We're stuck in the USA until next year but at least we can drink like we're in Italy! 
Read more HERE.

Meanwhile, reservations for 2018 at Piedmont Cycling Resort are coming in...don't miss out. Reserve your vacation package HERE.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Ravioli Saturday 2017

We enjoyed making ravioli with friends last Saturday. Zio Lorenzo (not so humbly as you'll see) mixes up and rolls out the pasta while Brent (at left in the video) Lillian and Heather insert the fillings and crimp them closed. 

Fillings this time included classic cheese, chicken, mushroom, potato and pork.

They're still pretty good even after being we make 3-400 in an afternoon, it's impossible to enjoy them all the same day.

Friday, October 20, 2017

New t-shirt design!

The votes are in and this design is the winner!

We wanted a new t-shirt to kick off the first season of Piedmont Cycling Resort so we solicited votes from some trusted colleagues, clients and friends and this is the winning design.

Once we get production started we'll let you know how you can get yours.

We look forward to sharing la dolce vita in bicicletta with all of you at

Friday, October 6, 2017

CycleItalia/Piedmont Cycling Resort gets PEZ'd!


Above: Belly up to the bar - only in ITALIA!

We've known Richard Pestes of PEZCyclingNews it seems forever but it really goes back to 1994 at the Giro d'Italia when we worked for "those other people".

He discovered then that "Harry & Leather" were a little different than most. We enjoyed authentic food and wine and to linger at the lunch or dinner table, sharing something that remains today - a passion for all things Italian.

There are plenty of "enthusiast press" offerings out there these days from print magazines to blogs and websites, but most of them seem enthusiastic about profit more than anything else.

If you read PEZ regularly, you know that's not the case with Richard. He'll share things that have no real money-making potential for him, just because he likes them.

We like to think we're a bit like that too, perhaps that's why we've seen Richard at Milano-Sanremo, the Giro d'Italia and other places in Italy over the decades. This is a guy who truly "lives the dream" as they say.

PEZ is running a feature on CycleItalia's Piedmont Cycling Resort presented by Albabici. 

Click HERE to check it out!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Interbike 2017 - Leaving Las Vegas...forever

It's done! Interbike 2017 that is. 

The show moves to Reno, NV next year which leaves Uncle Larry wondering - "Hmmm, you're trading a gambling, boozing, smoking mecca in Nevada for what exactly?" But what does he know?

The pasta (above) is not yet done. These bags of Italian pasta were used in a promotion for the Favaloro carbon-fiber bicycles. A much better than average business card, no?

Piedmont Cycling Resort now has a small fleet of Favaloro bikes for you to try during your time with us. We can even arrange a visit to Favaloro's workshop where you can be measured for your own 100% Made-in-Italy, made-to-measure masterpiece.

Meanwhile, our website is almost complete, so take a look by clicking HERE.